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Balancing Life (Family Work Dance) By Darlin Garcia

" Balancing Family and Dance is the hardest thing in the world, other than being a!! For those of you who think it's a walk in the park, there are a few things to consider: Being a dancer requires us to work at night, sometimes rehearse, perform, or be at an event till late and into the morning. Then you have to drive back home, catch a flight, or take public transportation (if you live in a major city). If you are lucky like me, you can pass out right away and get some sleep, but for most people it takes a while to wind down. This now puts you at like 2:30-3:30am on most nights. As a family man none of that matters to the kids who get up at 7am everyday. Yes, my wife is super kind at times and lets me sleep in till 8:30am if the kids allow it, but some days this just isn't realistic. Remember while I was out all day teaching or performing, who had the kids all day and is looking to get a break?? Mommy!!!! She is always waiting with kids in hand to 'hand them over' so no matter how intense my congress weekend was, guess who is waiting for Daddy to come home? You guessed it! And how can you say no to those beautiful faces saying "daddy daddy!", especially when you have missed so much of their lives already by being away. They need me more than dance needs me! I dont know about other dads, but this guy right here is making it his business to be a husband first, father second, and career man third. Without the love and support of your family, all of it is for nothing. I used to travel 36 weekends out of the year from country to country. When I started my family, i knew this would have to change so I knocked it down to 12 trips a year. Slowly, now that my boy is 5 years old, I started to pick it up again. To balance a family and dance career, communication is key. My trips are all discussed as a family, and if it's not worth being away from them then it doesn't happen. The same goes for teaching and local gigs. Its not easy at all because teaching dance is my passion and can sometimes overwrite my brain. It has gotten me in trouble a lot, and I've had to check myself plenty of times and remember my priorities. It has been a learning process for sure, but worth it. For those who know me, they know my human nature is to just work, work, work.... but I believe if that's interfering with job #1 and #2, then dance and work have to take a back seat. There is no specific formula to balance it all. For everyone its different, but the bottom line for me is that I chose to be a husband and a father. I brought these people into my crazy life as a dancer, and I have to understand how hard it must be for them, and how much they share have to share me. So I have to fulfill my vows, commitment and be there for them even if it means putting dance on the back seat for once."

Darlin Garcia

Art In Motion Dance Academy233 N. 12th StreetPhila. PA 19107



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