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Gino Akbari Artistic Director


Meet Gino The Dancer:

He started his dancing at the tender age of 26! Yes 26!!! Gino came from an acting background and dancing is something he only delved into in his mid twenties. What he has created in Bella&Bello in such a short time is a testament to his philosophy of Success, Work Hard Play Hard, 'It's Never too Late' and 'Grow as a Human Being'. His training in Perfomance, Theatrics, and Directing has allowed him to focus Bella&Bello in both the theatrical performance and comeptitive arenas. 

"I wanted a space for dancers and directors alike to have the opportunity to be Creative, have a Team that is a Family, and a Philosophy that allows dancers not only to grow as dancers but as Individuals, and to use the tools they learn in class in their day to day Lives" 

Meet Gino the Actor:

Gino's acting experience commenced with 4 years of extensive training in Classical Theatre at Dalhousie University with some of the best teachers Canada has to offer. His training worked intensively around the psychology between the Actor & his/her Audience. Gino's understanding of the relation between action, lines and movement, and its effect on its audience have given him an exceptional eye for choreography. 

In 2012 Gino was Nominated for Best Actor at the AMPIA awards alongside some of North America's best actors. A live performance for the CCMA awards put him center stage dancing for the Best Artists in 2013 in front of over 15,000 people. So if he can do it at a start of 26, anyone can!

Meet Gino the Leadership Coach:

Since 2007 Gino has been involved in training military personal, organizations and individuals in Leadership, Cultural, Negotiation and Scenario based learning. It is mostly from this platform that he gains an innate ability to draw the best out of people... and that is the entire basis of what Bella&Bello stands for!




Meet Ania The Dancer:

Ania started dancing at a young age in Poland orchestrating jazz, contemporary and hip hop classes for kids, competing and performing as part of a hip hop crew that invigorated audiences and students alike. As a dancer, director and competitor Ania learned that dancing is not only a passion but equally about Leadership and Inspiration. With years of experience alongside dancers and choreographers from SYTYCD Poland as well as dancers that are now part of the Cirque du Soleil "MJ" show, she has a rich background in many styles of dance as well as theatrical performances. As a Creative Director along with Gino Akbari, her venture into the world of Latin Dancing has cultivated many accomplishments in a very short time.

The Painter

Ania's day-to-day life is about her paintings.  What she portrays on a canvas is what she does on the dance floor: creating passionate & colourful abstract images that make the audience FEEL. The mutual osmosis of the two worlds of dancing and painting can be seen through her choreographies and flow on stage...!

The Fitness Competitor:

Ania's other passion has fallen into the world of fitness competition. After years of weight training to keep up with the demanding world of dance combined with the attitude of "What do I have to lose" has got her on the fast track to competitive fitness modelling. As a former fashion model, she enjoys the continuous stage appearances, and a love for the Journey and process that come with being a Fitness Competitor.


Meet Jay the Dancer

Jay started his dance venture in Polish folk dancing, learning the skill set neccessary to apply to other genres of dance. His endeavor and love for dance led him to Salsa in 2008 and he has never looked back. One of the longest serving dancers along with Gino they have danced side by side for over 7 years now. His contributions are a big part of what Bella&Bello is! Running and coaching the Team through practices, teaching classes along with creative inputs into choreography, and not to mention the fitness drills...  Jay is Bella&Bello at its core! 

The Rehab Therapist:

On a daily basis Jay is involved at work aiding and setting in place treatment plans for clients that are recovering from injury and it is that very knowledge that he contributes to the Team and dancers to prevent injuries and help them recover the right way.

The Fitness Competitor: 

Yes! Jay competes in Men's Fitness Modelling with a firm understanding of diet, workouts and mental success. Balancing life through dance, work and fitness has made him a potent asset to his clients and dance Team.


Please visit Jay on his personal website to know more about him as a Trainer and Fitness Competitor!


Jay Rybak Team Captain

Dj. Leo RL. Team Leader

Olivia Krol Team Dancer

Meet Olivia The Dancer:


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