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To Beginner Dancers by Marsha L.R Bonet

Recently i had the opportunity to ask one of our good friends and well known dancer Marsh L Rosa if she had any advice for beginners that are just stepping into the world of Salsa and other dancers and her feed back was immensley valuable and taken to heart: A Dancer, Artist, Teacher and Mother!

"These two words resonate with me as many others do, but these two get me to accomplish my goals. I've stopped worrying about HOW. I follow this "formula." *Vision and Passion* Visualize yourself. If you have an image of the person you want to be, accomplishing the task you want to accomplish and can see the detail of how you will look in that moment of success, then you have found your true self towards success. This image is like a photograph. A photograph which should stay burned or rather imprinted in your mind. It never leaves your mind. It's a mental print you make of your future self, where you will live up to and measure to. Having Passion is a necessary component for your vision. Passion, in this context, is a source of energy. It is the fuel that drives us closer to goal but most importantly, at a different rate. With passion you run. You Run as fast as you can. Obstacles, consume the energy of passion that we have towards our vision. It is a teaching moment. If our vision is strong and it's true it will allow us to continue by walking towards accomplishing our true self. Sometimes those obstacles are great and we cannot walk but crawl, on those days crawl, On those days stop and breath! Stop to remember that picture, that vision, that imprint you created of your true self. On good days, Passion allows us to run. On the bad days, vision keep us walking towards it. Stay true to what's in your heart even if it means going against what is expected and what is "normal." Risk takers have a strong vision and that keeps them moving to become successful by their own merit."

Please feel free to follow Marsha on FB under Marsha L. Rosa Bonet and get to know more about her and her accomplishments in the world of Dance.

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