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The Alchemy of Success by Fernando Sosa

"- Hola me llamo talento , todo me sale súper fácil y consigo pequeños resultados con mucha rapidez ,Recién me crucé con Disciplina, íbamos hacia la misma dirección, pero la dejé atrás, muy lenta, muy pesada.....

- Hola llamo Disciplina, todo se me hace muy difícil y necesito mucho sacrificio para alcanzar cualquier tipo de objetivo... Recién me crucé con Talento, ni me saludó y se fue corriendo, lo perdí en el horizonte....

- Hola me llamo Meta, bienvenida, tu nombre??? - Disciplina, encantada!!! Y Talento? - No ha pasado nadie con ese nombre por aquí...."

In my time and life I have met a lot of great dancers with talent. It was always hard to understand how a lot of them never lived to their full potential. What I started noticing was that sometimes talent came with a lack of discipline and goal setting (Planning). Yes, It is important to have Talent! In fact, it is a bonus but Talent without a strong sense of Goal or Direction along with the Discipline to see it through is almost certain to leave a dancer, or any business in that matter, away and far from their full potential. They might most certainly never reach their full potential (success) without those faculties instilled in them. I didn't have the easiest of life growing up so I had to become disciplined and set goals to achieve what I have and it works! It works like a charm. I guess if I had a choice or was given two wishes, to either be granted Talent but without Discipiline and an understanding of Goal setting versus the habit of Discipline and Goal setting but without the Talent, then I would always choose the faculties of Discipline and Goal setting over Talent. I really hope that new dancers and directors understand how crucial it is to start with those habits rather than rely on just their Talent. In Life You want to go far not just around the corner.

Thank you all


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