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Being You! (On being the creative Artist) by Franklin Liranzo

"As a Beginner or Artist period, we must be open to new ideas, art forms, interpretations, criticism (good and bad), mean while not forgetting what defines us to begin with... I can tell you that both my photography and dance evolved to what they are today because i remained open to ideas, however, i also challenged people who wanted to force me to follow a certain path. I won't go into details, just know that art is a complex medium of communication that by definition is supposed to transcend. To me this means that anything and everything goes... there are no set parameters for artists (dancers, painters, singers, photographers, etc...) Use your foundation (technique) to make your blue print, then make anything that comes into your idea/vision. Do listen to your mentors and teachers, learn from them, absorb as much as you can, then play with everything you have learned to make your OWN voice, moves, visions etc. Do NOT be afraid to take chances!!! Nor follow social norms! break them in a clever way and see how your audience responds. And finally make the necessary chances and create the right opportunities to grow!"

#salsa #dance #photography #Artist #bachata #newschool

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